Hello, I'm Sarah Young.


I've been part of the accounting world for 18 years. I've learned so much about small business needs over the years, and decided to build this class to teach others everything they need to help their business thrive.

My Story

Through my work in bookkeeping, I have learned what works and what doesn’t when creating and running a small business.  Some common factors I've noticed are the lack of time, the many different hats we wear at all times (wanted or not wanted) and the difficulties in passing things to employees or outsourcing.

The next step for me to create an even bigger impact than I could ever do on my own is to help teach others with the exact proven process I created to help more businesses online. Being in similar shoes as most small businesses, I've seen and pushed through my own small business struggles and would love to pass those findings along to others.

Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to book-work, business and planning. That is exactly why I created Align Business Development. 

‚ÄčI want to create a community of people like me….who have a desire to make an impact, and are willing to put in the work to make it happen.


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